God knows how to vindicate you. If you’ll stay on the high road, He will fight your battles for you.

Quit worrying about what other people say about you, the negative comments, those are all distractions. You don’t have to defend yourself, God said that He will defend you and He will protect your reputation.

You have a defender. God said He will protect your reputation. Let what other people say go in one ear and out the other. Instead, use that energy to move toward your God-given dreams.

It doesn’t matter how good you are, how kind, giving or gracious, somebody is not going to like you. You would have much more peace and enjoy your life more if you would start leaving your reputation in the hands of God.

God wants to do extraordinary things in your life. You aren’t limited by your own ability and resources. Don’t just look at yourself and what you have in your hand; look at what God can do through you!

Always value your reputation with God more than your reputation with man.

No matter what other people have said to you, about you, no matter how much rejection you’ve had or abandonment or how many people tried to put you down, God says you are wonderful. You are not a mistake.

Now maybe everything you do isn’t wonderful but way deep down on the inside, the person that you really are is wonderful. And some of you maybe have had so many problems in your life, you don’t even really know who that person is anymore.

Maybe you’ve pretended so much and you’ve tried to be so much of what you think other people want you to be that you’ve lost sight of who you are. But the real you, the you that God created, the you that’s inside wanting to be free, that is wonderful!

And you can begin to say, “God created me with His own hand in my mother’s womb. I am not a mistake. I’m not weird because I’m not like everybody else. I am unique.” And I dare you to say, “And I am wonderful.”

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