Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart And Lean Not On Your Own Understanding, In All Your Ways Submit To Him, And He Will Make Your Paths Straight

We may not have all the answers to life but the good news is, when we commit our hearts and desires to the Lord He goes before us and makes the crooked paths straight (Isaiah 45:2)!

What exactly does that mean? That means, in all sincerity, that there is no mistake or shortcoming great enough to mess up God’s plan for your life.

He is powerful enough, wise enough and sovereign enough to put together all pieces of your journey and align them according to His calling over you.

Rest in the truth that God has you and is the redeemer of all things impossible.

When you surrender your plans, your goals and your dreams to Him He is able to do more with these than you could ask or imagine.

God alone has the wisdom we need to make a decision of eternal significance. It makes perfect sense to ask Him for help as you face these options! Submit your overwhelm to the Lord and allow Him to take your burden.

Trust Him always, even when the chapter is trying you.

​He has given you the blessing of living in close communion with Him and He has made you the conduit through which He can accomplish His purposes here on earth.

If He has given you a challenging chapter you can trust that it is part of His plan because He has written the story of your life.

God is faithful, what He promised you is on route to you, even if you aren’t seeing the signs.

Faith is knowing that God is always working for your good, in the unseen realm God is moving the wrong people out of your way, opening the doors to your healing and loving you beyond measure.

​If you could see what God sees, that wouldn’t require any faith and for the human mind, faith is one of the greatest lessons and gifts that God will give you.

By learning to trust in God you are healed in a way only God understands. Give thanks today, for God is good and drop an Amen if you agree!

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