Amazing! Have You Ever Seen Such A Plant, Whose Leaves Grow Exactly On Human Lips, See Photos

This plant, named Conophytum pygi, is originally found in Namibia, South Africa. They are stemless and like a cactus, they also grow in pebbles and stones.

Till today you must have seen many types of strange plants, but today you will also be stunned to know about the plant we are going to tell you about. In reality, this plant’s leaves closely resemble human lips. Conophytum is the name of the plant, and its succulent, oblong leaves. Its leaves are similar to female lips in color and shape. Social media is being used to discuss this plant. The photographs that have gone viral have everyone in awe.

These plants are originally found in Namibia, South Africa. Their unique feature is that, like cactus, they are stemless plants and that pebbles also develop in stones. It has either round, oval, or conical leaves. Typically, they come in pairs and are juicy.

It would not be wrong to say that Conophytum pygmy is a unique creation made by nature. This plant has leaves that resemble human lips. Additionally, it is pink in tint, giving you the impression that lipstick has been applied. Cone plants, dumplings, button plants, lip plants, and butt plants are some common names for this plant.

Recently, when some pictures of Conophytum pygmy were shared on Twitter, people were stunned to see it. Some people have wondered how this could have happened after seeing this unusual plant. People were drawn to a strange tree in Thailand a few years ago because it had a fruit that resembled a woman growing on its trunk.


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