We Need To Realize That God Sees Every Single Thing That We Do

We’re not supposed to be afraid of God because we know that He loves us, but we do need to have a reverential fear and awe, and we need to realize that God sees every single thing that we do.

God sees every single thing that we do. And so it’s not really what we do out in public that is so important. It’s what we do at home behind closed doors when we think nobody’s looking. But God is always looking.

What a comfort it should be knowing that God is with us, everywhere we go and He’s ready to talk with us about everything in our life. If that’s not you today,  take a moment spending time with God wherever you are.

God loves you and sees the good in you. Isn’t that wonderful? That is certainly something to be grateful for! God sees what you are becoming and will be; He is not overly concerned about your faults. He knew all of them when He invited you to be in an intimate relationship with Him.

All God wants is your love and a willingness to grow in Him. Your presence is a present to the world. You are unique and one of a kind. Do not ever forget, for even a day, how very special you are!

We need to start seeing ourselves the way God sees us, because it’s such a healing thing to begin to like yourself instead of being against yourself.

God sees and understands what we don’t. He wants us to trust Him and His perfect timing.

​When you put your faith in Jesus, it changes everything in your life and transforms the way you think.

You see people as God sees them. You discover a personal mission to join God in His plan for the world. Jesus really lived and died and rose again. The more time you spend in God’s Word the clearer you will be able to see what thoughts help you and what thoughts don’t belong to you.

​God wants you to be free of suffering and to reside in His mercy and love, He want’s your mind to be clear and focused on the good that He is always providing.

Seeing yourself as God’s beautiful creation can be one of the most challenging things you can do, especially in the fallen world we live in. But of course God doesn’t leave you alone to deal with that challenge! Through scripture and prayer God reminds us that we are created in His image, His beautiful image.

God sees the all of the good you do in your job. Keep your heart towards making God happy.

All of my decisions (well almost all, I’m not perfect) are trying to please and honor God with my life and my choices. God sees how we treat others that we come across. No act of kindness or even a smile to someone is insignificant. If you feel like complimenting someone, express it. Try your best to show appreciation for others. It means so much to everyone. But most importantly keep your eyes and heart focused on Christ.

Have you looked in a mirror lately? Are you seeing who God sees? Go out with joy and be led forth with peace!

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