Be Inspired By This Message From Joel Osteen, “Remember The Victories God Has Given You”

It’s good to remember the great things God has done, but God doesn’t want you to live off of yesterday’s victories. God is about to give you something new to talk about. He’s about to give you some fresh victories.

You are God’s biggest deal. You are the apple of His eye. Too often, we limit God. We have a small view of who He is. You are not inconveniencing God by asking Him to help you in your everyday life. He wants to be good to you and show you His favor in a new way.

Your greatest victories are ahead of you. God has new mountains for you to climb, new horizons for you to explore. He has something big in your future. Get ready to experience His greatness!

When you face tough times and your dream looks impossible, go back and replay your victories; relive the times God made a way. When you think about God’s goodness, not only will faith rise in your heart, but that attitude of expectancy is what allows God to turn things around.

When every voice says it’s not going to happen, go back and replay your victories; relive the times God made a way. Remember how God lifted you out of the pit and turned your mourning into dancing.

If you’ll stay in faith, God will not only bring you out, He’ll also turn back time. God will make up for the lost joy. He’ll make up for the lost peace. He’ll restore your victories.

Don’t ever get tired of thanking God for His goodness. Remember your victories. Tell the people around you. Keep bragging on the goodness of God. The more you brag on God’s goodness, the more of God’s goodness you’ll see.

“The scripture tells us God will take us from glory to glory and from victory to victory. You may be in between victories right now, but keep your passion—another victory is on its way.”

The scripture says to remember the great things God has done.  Stop remembering every mistake and remember your victories.

The victories you’ve seen in the past weren’t just your own doing. Every accomplishment, every good break, every obstacle you overcame was God smiling down on you.

The trouble is temporary, but the glory is permanent. The key is not to stay focused on the suffering; stay focused on the glory that’s coming. It may be tough now, life has dealt you an unfair hand, but that suffering is not in vain; it’s serving a purpose. It’s leading you to greater favor, greater anointing, greater victories.

“Real God-given breakthrough is a process over time – full of baby steps in the right direction that shape us and form us, tiny victories every day that show God is still working even when it feels like He’s not, and a miracle moment that seals the deal in God’s perfect timing.”

Every day your attitude should be, “God, I’m ready. I’m taking the limits off of You. I’m enlarging my vision. I may not see a way, but I know You have a way. I declare I’m coming into a shift.”

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