Trusting God Is Wisdom, Knowing God Is Peace, Loving God Is Strength, Faith In God Is Courage

Trusting God Is Wisdom. Sometimes in life you may feel pressure on all sides and it won’t be easy. But when you walk with God and trust in Him, He will help you and give you wisdom.

Because God does. So when you feel stuck or unsure what to do- give it to God. He will help you through anything.

Knowing God Is Peace. God is STILL working all things together for good. Even if it means removing toxic people from our lives that work against that, it’s our right to protect the peace God has called us to.

Peace on the outside comes from knowing who God is on the inside.

Jesus offers everyone peace and serenity, the likes of which this world could never give.

When you keep Him inside of your heart, there’s no room for fear and doubt. He’s the calm in your toughest hour. The light during your darkest times. The peace you’ll need to navigate this world.

Loving God Is Strength. Keep an eternal perspective. What matters most in eternity is loving God and loving people. When we have the right perspective, the little frustrations of life fade away.

He wants to fill you with all joy and peace so that you may overflow to others with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

What you face may look big, but your God is bigger! The giants you face may be strong, but your God is stronger! Magnify your God and watch what He will do on your behalf!

Faith In God Is Courage. Everyone faces storms in life. Sometimes we have the faith to be delivered from the storms; sometimes we have the faith to walk through the storms. Either way, faith in God will lead you to that peaceful place!

Faith is the most powerful force in the universe. Faith moves mountains. Faith pleases God. What is faith? It’s taking God at His word and believing in His goodness.

All through scripture, Jesus says this, “Your faith has made you whole.” Today, it’s the same. When you put your faith in God, miracles happen.

Our faith, which is our confidence in God, is what causes patience to rise in our hearts. Faith and patience work together and enable us to embrace God’s promises. Trust that God is working even when you don’t see it!

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