Christians must stand strong and wait on God for the breakthroughs in life.

Jesus said, “All things are possible for one who believes.” Are you believing for God to come through? The Bible says- “God will do abundantly far beyond all you can ask, think or imagine.” God is a God of miracles!

God’s same grace that carried you here will carry you through the days to come.

When you look at the future with fear, remind yourself of how God has been faithful in the past. This is a great reason to write out your prayer requests and God’s answers (with the date!). This provides a tangible record of how God has provided—something to look to as new challenges arise.

Instead of putting trust in earthly change, trust God’s character. Trust the fact that He is both the beginning and the end of everything, the provider of all things good and the sustainer of those who follow Him.

Every day is a new beginning with God. Take hold of His mercy, receive His grace, and let Him empower you through any difficulty you may face. Remember, that challenge didn’t come to stay; it came to pass.

Today, dwell on the faithfulness of God! If you are believing for something to change in your life, remember all the times God has come through in the past. He’s done it before and He’ll do it again!

Adversity makes us stronger. No matter what difficulty you may be facing today, know that with God, you will make it through.  You will come out better, stronger, wiser and more determined on the other side.

Remember, the power that is in you is greater than the power of fear. When thoughts come that say, “You’re not able,” choose faith by saying, “I can do all things through Christ!”

Remember, through Jesus, you are a new creation. The old is gone, and it’s time to embrace the new that God has for you. Even if you can’t see it, even if you don’t fully understand, take a step of faith and declare His Word.

Declare, “I am more than a conqueror! I am the head and not the tail! I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!” As you meditate on His Word, your mind will catch up, and you will be in the position to receive all of the spiritual blessings He has prepared for you!

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