Theme For Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional, “Pray Your Way Through the Day”

All through the day, instead of trying to do everything in your own strength, relax and stay in peace. Take the pressure off, God is not asking you to control everything. He’s saying release the control. Do what you can and trust God to do what you can’t.

Talking with God about everything gives us a sense of belonging, of being cared for by Someone Who is on our side and Who is powerful. One of the phrases I like to use when teaching about prayer is: “Pray your way through the day.”

Never begin your day without praying the Holy Spirit to provide you with the strength to face whatever challenges may arise. Through Christ, who is your power and who ministers to you through the Holy Spirit, you can do anything you need to do.

While there are moments when we must be especially diligent, focused, and set aside in our prayer, we do not have to wait until we are in church or another specified location, or until we have a specific amount of time, to pray. The best way I know to be “unceasing in prayer” is to live as though God is constantly paying attention to us, because He is.

Be grateful for what you have. Look around at all the blessings God has given you. Don’t focus on what’s wrong; thank God for what’s right. Don’t look at what you don’t have; thank God for what you do have. Come up higher in your walk with God. Spend more time with Him. Talk to Him in your thoughts all through the day; get planted in the house of the Lord. Make this a priority for you and your family.

You may be tired today: tired of believing for your dreams, tired of trying to make your marriage work, tired of raising those children. God sees what you’re going through. He feels the weight of what you’re carrying. He’s not going to leave you there. He has angels coming your way to strengthen you, to encourage you, to lift you.

We can also pray prayers of praise and thanksgiving as we go about our daily lives, saying things like: “Thank You, Lord, for helping me through this day” or “I worship You, God, for Your goodness this afternoon.” These prayers just take a few seconds to complete, yet they keep us focused on God, aware of His presence, and in constant conversation with Him.

Starting today, form a habit of talking to God as your constant companion and helper. If you aren’t used to this it will take practice, but before you know it, you won’t have to remind yourself—you’ll just do it!

Don’t believe the lie that God doesn’t hear your prayers. Choose to pray your way through everything…every day!

Prayer Starter: Father, I commit to you today to keep the lines of communication with You wide open and pray about everything throughout the day. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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