Be Inspired By This Message, “Believe God Over People” From Joel Osteen

God knows what’s in you; He knows what you’re capable of. He’s not going to let fear hold you back.

God’s not going to let negative things people have spoken over you keep you locked in. He’s not going to let how you were raised, what you didn’t get, keep you from becoming who He created you to be.

We are sometimes more concerned with what other people think of us than with what God thinks of us. People, on the other hand, do not determine your fate.

People will never be able to stop God’s plan for your life. It’s possible that others will not approve of you. Don’t be concerned. You have God’s blessing. You were called by God, not by people.

People don’t equip you; God equips you. When you come to the end of your life, you won’t answer to people; you’ll answer to Almighty God.

What God has ordained for you will not go to anyone else. Don’t worry about someone getting your promotion, your blessing, your favor, your spouse.

What God has prophesied for your life cannot be taken by someone else. Quit being frustrated because somebody got what you wanted. If it was supposed to be yours, they couldn’t have gotten it.

Be happy for them, knowing that God has something better for you.

Where are the people who believe God will use them to demonstrate His great power, that God will use them as an example of His goodness to demonstrate that He is God? It’s good to read about His power, it’s good to talk about it, good to remember it, but God wants you to experience it.

God wants to show out in a new way. When you believe, when you say like David, “Make a show of Your favor,” that’s when God will make things happen that not only amaze you but amaze the people around you.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Father, right now, I repudiate the negative voices that have been raised against me and Your Word. I’ve decided to put my faith in You. I choose to believe You. I choose to forgive others and believe Your Word which stands forever in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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