God Blessed Us With New Grace And Mercy Every Day

God gives each of us unique talents, abilities, and traits, but He doesn’t give anyone everything. We don’t have it all, but we all have something.

If you don’t do anything else, pray every day for God to fill you with the Holy Spirit. He gives us powerful gifts for us to step out and bring Him glory!

As hard as I’ve tried, I’ve never had one day where I didn’t think something wrong, say something wrong, do something wrong, or have a wrong attitude. So, we all come back to the only way that we’re going to get into heaven is by the grace and mercy of God, not because of anything that we do!

You may have made mistakes, we all have, but God is saying, “You’re forgiven.” If He forgives you, why don’t you forgive yourself?

You’ll never get your ‘one more time’ if you keep berating yourself, reliving your failures, and lingering on disappointments. Get rid of it. This is the start of a new day. It’s time to let go of guilt and being in opposition to yourself.

We can be thankful that God loves us and chooses to make His home in us. This choice is not based on any good deeds we have done or every could do, but solely on the grace, mercy, power, and love of God.

Sometimes, God proves His love to us by what He’s not letting us have. It doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. We just have to spend a little more time in the waiting room: growing, developing, getting experience, learning to trust Him, learning to forgive, learning to be good to those that have wronged us, being mature enough to wait with a good attitude. The sooner we pass these tests, the sooner God will release the things that belong to us.

With all of my heart, I want God’s people to enjoy what Jesus died to provide. It is not God’s will that we merely exist and try to make it through each day. He wants us to live joyfully and expectantly. He wants us to experience true happiness.

Are you telling God everything that’s wrong with you, how you’ve made too many mistakes, how you don’t deserve to be blessed? “God, I blew it again. I just don’t measure up. I don’t know how You could ever love me.”  Can I tell you, that’s wasting your breath. You’re not worthy because of what you did or didn’t do; you’re worthy because of what Jesus did. You don’t have to go to God and try to convince Him to forgive you and convince Him that you’re good enough.

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