If God said it, then He can do it! We serve a God who spoke the universe into existence and birthed life with a single breath. This is the power of His word.

Sometimes we can read the most inspiring promises from God in scripture about redemption, grace and being called for a purpose. Yet we may deeply believe these same promises are not active for our lives. However, nothing could be farther from the truth!

God’s word is for you. Who He says He is and what He says He is able to do, readily available for your life. His word never fails.

God tells them not to entertain evil thoughts against themselves and not to love false oath. God needs us to think right. He wants us to think about our neighbors through the lens of love. Maybe after a miracle or after a great testimony, you’re thinking negatively about your neighbor. This will prevent you from also receiving your own miracle.

The things God tells us to do are not for His advantage but they are for our advantage.

Let Jesus be seen in your eyes. The purpose of God for this world is for everyone to be saved and not to perish. The purpose of God for you is to bring others to salvation and not to condemnation.

God’s Word is powerful, but it’s not a one-time thing. We need to remind ourselves of who we are throughout each day by saturating our lives with God’s truth.

We are invited to be a part of God’s eternal plan among this generation- a plan that He’s known for you since the beginning. So where do you feel passionate about serving the world today?

God’s word has never failed and it never will. ​Trust God and His timing.

​You can trust God’s timing, He gave you a promise and He intends to follow through. Even if it seems like your timing is better, remind yourself that  God’s ways are best.

​If God spoke it, it will happen no matter how long it takes.

​Through all things God is teaching you and guiding you towards what really matters. Reflect on the thing you are feeling impatient for, ask yourself why you feel like it has to be now, and what could you learn by surrendering the timing over to God?

Not only does God tell us He loves us, He tells us what He did for us out of His unconditional and immeasurable love. Remember that God is close, and is extremely interested in you, personally, stay close God’s Word and you will abide in His presence.

Prayer: Father thank you for your Word for your Word is Truth; your Word is working in and around my life and bringing many to you from around the world. I’m a demonstration of your love towards many in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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