Teddy Bear Cloud: A Big, Cuddly Cloud With A Sweet Smile

The sky was filled with fluffy white clouds that seemed to take on strange shapes and forms. As I gazed up at the clouds, I could make out the figure of an elephant with its trunk raised, as if drinking from an invisible lake.

A little further along, a Lion appeared to be lounging on its side, its Tail swishing lazily. The clouds had come alive and were mimicking the poses and postures of animals.

A flock of birds soared by, and for a brief moment their silhouettes were reflected in the clouds, as if the clouds had sprouted wings and were flying alongside the birds.

The shape of the cloud animals appeared to move and change often, never being static for an extended period of time. I did, however, catch a fleeting glimpse of the shapes of tigers, giraffes, deer, and other creatures in the continually moving sea of white.

The natural world and the sky seemed briefly to converge and connect in this whimsical cloud-scape. As quickly as the animal shapes emerged, they dissolved again into abstract forms as the clouds drifted on their way.

The cloud animals were a transient wonder, a magical illusion that brightened my afternoon, even as they remained forever out of reach. The happiness they offered was not diminished despite the fact that their shapes changed. Every time I looked up at the sky, I would be reminded of the clouds that had the shapes of animals.

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