It Looks Like The Moon Is Melting Into A Waterfall And These 10 Images Are Sure To Inspire Awe

An picture purportedly showing the moon “melting” into a waterfall frequently draws “oohs and ahhs” as it gets passed around on social media.

These seven photographs, which appear to show the moon melting into a cascade, will no doubt leave viewers in amazement. Why? mostly because the moon somehow serves as a reminder of our Creator God.

This is a full moon descending on Angel Falls, on the south side of Yosemite, just west of Sentinel Rock. For a few days each year, it appears as though the the moon is draining through the waterfall.

This image, which is often shared under the title “Lava Moon,” does not depict a genuine real-world scene.

We human beings tend to be broken in our humanity and we’re filled with darkness until God shines His love on us and lights up the night. You see, the moon doesn’t actually pour celestial light onto the earth. This means there’s actually no such thing as moonlight.

Instead, when the moon is in the proper position, it will reflect the sun’s light. We also reflect the brightness of the Son. Even the most hideous scars become spectacularly beautiful flaws made perfect when seen in Jesus’ light.

When I look at the moon melting into a waterfall in these photos, I’m reminded of how we too are God’s light. Philippians 2:15 says, “Try to shine as lights among the people of this world, as you hold firmly to the message that gives life.”

Perhaps that’s why these beautiful digital renderings of the moon are drawing so much attention on the internet. The images show a night that is completely dark, and the moon, which is invisible during the day, dresses itself in the sun’s reflected light. Each is distinctive and serves as a reminder of the majesty of our awesome God.

This photograph shows the moon as if it’s on the edge of the world and rising out of the water! Gorgeous! And I couldn’t agree more with the caption: “There’s something about people, photographs, music and words that speak to my soul. I feel God’s majesty personified and exemplified through them. All of life’s complexities somehow gets simplified because it makes you realize how beautiful life is and how awesome people truly are.”

This one shows a magnificent old house perched on a cliff in a dark environment illuminated by the moonlight and dissolving into a cascade. This would be a breathtaking sight to see.

Can you imagine taking a walk in the forest, late at night right before bed and you find this bridge? Then the next moment takes your breath away as you look up and see the moon melting into the waterfall!

Would have imagined a flashlight revealing the moon like this? Somehow I don’t think the flashlight would shine as brightly! But whoa, what an incredible image!

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