This Sculptor Will Mess With Your Head By Making You Think His Work Is Made From Wood

Christopher David White (previous post here) is a talented American sculpture artist who might actually trick you with his amazingly realistic artworks.

This artist forces you to enjoy his paintings twice by giving the impression that they are made of entirely different materials, making you want to check them out a third time.

White creates exquisite ceramic works of art that have the appearance of petrified wood using handcrafted clay sculptures and meticulous attention to detail.

Take a look at his cool sculptures below.

The unusual artwork of a sculptor examines how humans and nature interact and how both are constantly in a state of flux between growth and destruction.

“Change is a constant reminder that permanence is the ultimate illusion,” writes the artist on his website. “It is through the creation of a hyper-realistic sculpture that I explore the relationship between nature, man, and the phenomenon of impermanence.”

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