Jonathan Osteen Already Follows in His Pastor Father’s Footsteps — Meet Joel Osteen’s Son

25-year-old Jonathan Osteen has lived with faith all his life. His parents, Joel and Victoria Osteen are the spiritual guides of the Lakewood Church, founded by his grandfather, televangelist John Osteen.

Jonathan grew up in Houston, Texas. Jonathan Osteen is the third generation in his family to preach the word of God, following in his father and grandfather’s footsteps. He has been an integral part of Lakewood Church since birth, where his parents Joel and Victoria Osteen are the Senior Pastors.  As a teen, he began taking an active role in Lakewood’s Young Adult ministry.

At a young age he had a passion for music and joined the worship team at Lakewood singing and playing the guitar.  In 2016, he and his sister, Alexandra, helped lead worship in front of 45,000 people at “America’s Night of Hope” in San Francisco at AT&T Park.  Since then, he has been leading worship and speaking at the Night of Hope events at arenas and stadiums across America.

Jonathan is also a songwriter and music producer. In 2016, the Lakewood Young Adults ministry, under the leadership of Jonathan Osteen, produced their first album, “Live in the Wonderful” where Jonathan wrote the title song, as well as “Etched”, “In the Name of Love”, and “Become”.  Their recent album “In The Name” was released in September 2019 and includes “Prince of Peace” written by Jonathan.

Jonathan and his sister have been surrounded by God’s work since his earliest childhood. Jonathan grew up in the ministry, and embracing his father’s legacy is a natural consequence of his own vocation.

Jonathan’s passion is to share God’s heart for people. On Father’s Day, 2019, he spoke his first sermon to the Lakewood congregation entitled, “The Father’s Love”.  Jonathan continues to lead Lakewood’s Young Adults, where he speaks regularly.  He also leads both the creative and worship teams at Lakewood.Jonathan graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2017 with a degree in Radio, Television, and Film.  He lives in Houston, Texas.

Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Texas like his sister Alexandra, who has garnered a huge following due to her inspiring singing at Lakewood. For Jonathan, becoming a pastor wasn’t a conscious decision, he revealed:

“I was raised here at Lakewood, and I’ll be here the rest of my life. So, it just naturally started to occur that I got more involved and here I am today.”

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