Praise Him For His Unequaled Greatness, Praise Him For His Mighty Works, Praise Him For His Majestic Power

The Psalmist said, “Praise Him for His unequaled greatness. Praise Him for His mighty works. Praise Him for His majestic power.” You may be limited, but He’s unlimited. We’re natural, but He’s supernatural. When you don’t see a way out, you’ll be tempted to complain. No, turn it around and praise Him for who He is.

David said, “His praise should continually be in our mouth.” All through the day, under our breath, we’re making a melody in our heart: thanking God for His goodness, grateful for what He’s done, talking about His greatness. My question is, what kind of atmosphere are you creating? Worry, doubt, complaining? The enemy would love for you start complaining and live bitter. No, keep the praises going up. Keep thanking God that He’s working. Keep declaring that you’re coming out. You can’t keep a praiser down.

When you’re full of praise. When you go through the day grateful, focused on what’s right, being good to people, that’s not just having a good attitude. You’re inviting God into your circumstances.

God has given you permission to shine in this world and to use the gifts He has given you to bring glory to His name and Kingdom.

​Acknowledge the gifts you have been given and thank God for His everlasting and unconditional love towards you and ask Him for renewed strength and grace to keep pursuing His will for you everyday.

Remember, you are loved with an everlasting love by an everlasting God. With your hand in His you can do anything.

This month is a time when people turn their attention towards being thankful. We need God’s word. We need His word dwelling richly in us, because His Word is life and truth, and part of the truth is that we have so much to be thankful for, and we have so much to rejoice over.

“Lord, I praise You that You’re bigger than this sickness. I praise You that You’re stronger than this addiction. I praise You that You’re greater than this trouble. I praise You that You’re more powerful than these people.” You could be sending up doubt, defeat, complaints; instead, you’re sending up sweet smelling aromas, bragging on the goodness of God. Those aromas set miracles into motion. That’s when God will show up and do what you cannot do.

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