Jesus Is the Best Kind of Helper

Jesus has all the experience required to help us along our healing journey. Jesus needed certain experience in order to truly understand our pain and become our High Priest who can help us heal. My experience with Jesus’ healing power makes me a good person to boldly tell others He will heal their wounded souls just as He has healed mine, and your experience will do the same for you.

Jesus suffered greatly and gained experience as a result. His experience equipped Him to fulfill what God wanted Him to do.

According to Hebrews 4:15, since He has previously experienced the things we go through, He is able to comprehend, sympathize with, and have a shared emotion with our shortcomings. This verse should give you encouragement and assurance that everything you are going through will enable you to assist others. I hope you will reflect on it frequently.

Experiences of life have taught those who care to learn;  that the journey of life isn’t on a smooth road. Actually it is a road filled with bumps and pot holes. People are confronted with different types of challenges. The good news is that we have a helper, we have a Saviour, and a Redeemer in Christ Jesus.

Whereas, it is confirmed that we have a Saviour in Christ, it is not everyone that he saves.  He is for only those who accept him, those who come to him, those who want to be saved.

I encourage you today, even at this moment, to offer your experience to God for His use if you have never done that. He can use anything, no matter how tough, unpleasant, or confusing it may be, to give you the knowledge you need to assist someone else.

Brethren, Jesus did not give you conditions for acceptance.  Even if you are unemployed and financially low, still go to Jesus. Focus on the Lord because when you go to church, you do it to worship God and not the man of God. God Almighty, who sees and knows your financial situation, will undoubtedly help you. When you feel uplifted, contribute by serving others, making contributions, paying tithes, and more.

In the name of Jesus before this year ends as you embrace the Lord Jesus, you are moving to another level.  No more stagnation. Rejoice in the Lord, begin to thank Him for your testimony and it will surely manifest. Enjoy the peace of the Lord.

Prayer of the Day: Thank You for using the painful experiences in my life to help me grow. Heal my heart, help me flourish in you with renewed hope and confidence, that I might help others, amen.

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