God Works In Diverse Ways, May God Almighty Bless Us

Your dream may be much bigger than what you have. When you look at your resources, your training, your experience, it’s not enough. It’s just five loaves, just a small jar of oil. What good could that do? No, get ready. God is about to multiply what you have.

God is about to do something unusual, you didn’t see it coming. You couldn’t have made it happen on your own: doors open that you couldn’t open, opportunity that you weren’t qualified for, the right people looking for you. He’s going to take what looks insignificant and turn it into something extraordinary.

God works in diverse ways, may God almighty bless us, open doors and make us relevant. I know that the Lord is leading me to the places that I never imagined, he’s opening doors that i never thought they’ll be opened. I believe I am special to God.

David said in Psalm 18, “The Lord rewarded me for doing right, then He compensated me for my innocence.” When you keep doing the right thing, God will compensate you. I believe many of you have been doing this. You’ve done the right thing when it was hard, you’ve been good to people that weren’t good to you, you’ve stayed on the high road instead of paying people back. God is saying, “I’m about to settle your account. I’m about to vindicate you, promote you, and suddenly turn things around.”

Proverbs says, “A man may plan his ways, but God directs his steps.” God is going to give you the right desires, at the right time, and lead you into the best path for your life. You don’t have to live stressed, “Is this the right decision, should I go here, is this my will or God’s will?” You can stay in peace knowing that because you’ve committed your ways to God, He’s in control of your desires. You wouldn’t be feeling that impression, you wouldn’t be having that longing if He wasn’t leading you in that direction.

When you keep God first, He’ll guide you down the best path. God knows how to change your desires. He’s going to align your will with His will. I can assure you: God’s plan is better than your plan. The beauty is you don’t have to figure it all out. All you have to do is commit your ways to God, keep Him first place, and He will put the right desires in you. He’ll guide you down the best path for your life.

Thank you Jesus for all you have done and are doing for me – I believe and have faith that you are working all things out for my good, that you are opening new doors and leading people into my life so that I may achieve my purpise.

Amen! Heavenly father praying you continue to guide me and look out for me. Praying your blessings will fill the lives of my family members, there are those that are truly in need of your guidance. Thank you Lord for all you do.

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