Dear God, If One Day I Lose My Hope And Purpose, Give Me Confidence That Your Destiny Is Better Than Anything I Ever Dreamed

God always has a plan for your life. It is through these adverse circumstances that we are able to experience the miracles of God.

When you see beyond the visible and look at the things that are invisible you are looking away from the world and turning your eyes towards God. This is what it means to live by faith.

​See your life through the eyes of faith and let God use the difficult things for your eternal betterment, for your blessing and for His glory.

You believe that God is keeping you.

You believe that God still has a plan for you. You believe that God has closed (even seemingly good) doors because He has better in mind specifically for you.

Trust His purpose not your pain. Because you were created to live in the fullness of life.

Heavenly Father you lead us and let us stumble but you never let us fall from Your hands. We stand in awe of your love.

​If you fully open your heart to God’s leading, you will be in for the adventure of your lifetime.

He will work in your heart and guide you to fully trust Him without one fear or doubt.

God wants you to wake up excited to learn what He is going to teach you, so practice opening your heart to his good grace, fall in love with every prayer and watch Him do His work.

Don’t allow a disappointment, or even a series of disappointments, to convince you that your dream is over. Keep moving forward and hold on to the promises in your heart. Disappointment is for a season; destiny is for a lifetime.

You are a person of destiny. You have an assignment, and you are full of gifts, talents, encouragement and love. People need what you have because you have rich treasures on the inside of you.

Today remember: You are a person of destiny! You have an assignment and you are full of gifts, talents, encouragement and ability. People need the valuable treasures you have on the inside of you!

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