Dear Jesus, Help Me To Make Decisions According To Your Will And Not My Emotions

God never asked you to speak your mind. “OUR” minds can be sinful and broken.

The scriptures tell us that God IS Spirit and He is Word. The Holy Spirit will never speak to us something that contradicts His word, because He would be contradicting Who He is. If something you think God is saying to you is contrary to what is in His Word, it’s NOT GOD. End of story.

God asked you to speak with discernment, wisdom, and not emotions. He asked you to speak His Spirit and truth. Speak the Spirit—not your mind. With the Spirit there’s truth and power, with your mind sin and struggle.

The Scripture says in James, “If you need wisdom, ask God, and He will gladly tell you. But when you ask, be sure you really expect Him to answer. For a doubtful mind is as unsettled as a wave in the sea. People like that should not expect to receive anything from God.” This is talking about wisdom, but the principle is true.

When you ask God, it says be sure you really expect Him to answer. Sometimes we go to God hoping, wishing, thinking maybe we’ll get lucky and something will happen. How about going to God with confidence, knowing that when you ask in faith, He will answer you.

Prayers for courage and wisdom in the face of your greatest challenges are prayers God is able to answer in your life.

He will lead you on the right path if you are seeking Him regularly. God wants us in constant communication with Him. If it’s from Him, you will find the strength to do what you need to do to make it happen!

Remember that the God you serve is sovereign and all-powerful. God works in the hearts of those who love Him, and He leads those who are willing to go with Him into the uncertainty of the future. So give yourself grace in this time. Give yourself time, and lots of kindness.

And you will be moving forward, and not by the strength of your own two feet, but through the divine grace of the one carrying you. It may not be an overnight fix. It’s a process and a journey. But it’s the road to freedom, and it’s the road God wants for you. So trust His goodness, release control and believe in the future God has in store!

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