5 Prayers For Your Relationship With God

Our relationship with God is more important than any other relationship we build on earth. He alone is responsible for our existence on earth and our eternal existence after death. We must learn to develop and uphold our relationship with him if we want to spend all of eternity with him. Both of us must be familiar with one another.

When you open your Bible and get into the Word, you’re spending time with God and feeding your inner self. Today, I encourage you to develop your personal relationship with God on a daily basis. Ask Him to speak to you through His Word and through His Spirit. Make it a habit to strengthen your inner self because that’s how your life will be transformed. You’ll discover renewed vitality because of the power of God in your soul. That makes all the difference.

Embody his words in your daily life so others will be drawn to him also. This is the only way we can know him and know him well. Prayers for your relationship with God:

Prayer for faith in God: “Dear Lord, Thank you for saving me, Thank you for your strength and favor upon my life. Help me to remain steadfast in you so that I may always rely on your love and grace. Don’t let anything cause my faith in you to falter. Do not let this world deceive me, I know you are all I need, Let me continue to have faith in you and never waver, Amen”

Prayer for hope in God: “Heavenly Father, let my hope be in you, let me know you more and the things you have prepared for me. Let my soul be glad and rejoice in you each day. I pray for conviction and clarity. Let my belief in your glory endure throughout my life, and lead me to turn to you whenever I am in need. Even though I may be poor, let me recognize my riches in you, and never let me doubt you. Let me follow your light and ignore the world, Amen.”

Prayer to know God: “Father Lord in heaven, Thank you for dwelling in me and me in you. I pray for your guidance and direction, let every step I take be towards knowing you more. Reveal yourself to me in all I do. Teach me about you in all that I do, and help me to comprehend your words when I read them. Let me shine for you in crowds and make a statement; let me get to know you through prayer and meditation. Never allow me to stray from the paths you have shown me. Let my life reflect your ways and let me dwell in your house forever, Amen.”

Prayer for joy in God: Dear “Lord, Let me be happy in you, Let there always be a skip in my step. Let me know you bring joy to my heart and my life. Let there always be tranquility in my home. Allow your message and lessons to bring me delight. Let your light always be there in my life. Let your happiness find a home in my house. Please deliver only positive news when it comes to me. Let me find joy in your songs. Wipe all the tears from my family and let your grace be my portion always.”

Prayer for redemption in God: “Dear Lord, Be my redeemer, Be my healer when I’m sick, Be my protector when I’m in trouble, Be my riches when I’m poor. Refresh me when I’m down, correct me when I wander, and offer me serenity in difficult times. Heal my damaged heart. Tell me when I’m going in the wrong direction. Please save me from destruction, find me if I become lost, and accompany me on my journey. Let your grace be my portion always, Amen.”

The best Relationship you can ever have is a relationship with God He will never leave you are forsake you. Do you have a relationship with God today?

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