When God shows up late, thoughts will tell you, “God doesn’t care. How could He let this happen? Look at all this pain, this heartache. He could have stopped it.” Don’t believe those lies. The Scripture says, “God collects all of your tears.” He feels what you feel, the loneliness, the heartache. He weeps when you weep; His heart breaks when your heart breaks. You’re His child. If you’re a parent, you know when your child is hurting and you hurt with them. God is your Heavenly Father.

God loves you. Not because of your performance, not because you do everything perfectly, but because you are His child. Take off the negative labels and let go of what people have said to you. Quit beating yourself up for things you can’t change. God wants you to move forward in faith, believing that you are chosen, exceptional, and well able to do what He has called you to do.

Don’t diminish your value by diminishing what Christ did for you. He did it for you. He did it because He loves you. None of what you did in the past determines who you are—God has already chosen you and qualified you.

You may have made some mistakes, we all have, but that doesn’t change your value in the eyes of God. He loves you—not because of your performance, not because you do everything perfectly, but because you are His child.

Child of God, take some time out and get alone with your Father. The truth is, if you don’t get into His presence and stay there, you’re always going to fail.

God is a good father. There’s nothing He wouldn’t do for you. When we were at our worst, He loved us. That’s the Father’s heart.

Lord our God, we know that we are your children, and in this certainty we gather in your presence as a community. Grant us your Spirit, the Spirit who works in us and frees us from the many evils that still torment us.

Be with us and let the power of your great grace and mercy be in our hearts so that we may gain the victory and lead joyful lives on earth in spite of our many shortcomings, blunders, and sins. For your grace is great, much greater than all our failings. You are our God and Father, and we want to keep our consciences clear today and always through your grace. Amen.

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