Who Is Alexandra Osteen? Her Career, Love Life, And Relationships

Alexandra Osteen is a vocalist from the United States. Despite the fact that that is how she prefers to describe herself, she is most known for being the daughter of Joel and Victoria Osteen.

Alexandra’s father is a senior pastor and a televangelist which is why her father has gained enormous fame over the years. Her mother is a co-pastor and also the author of several books. She grew up with a brother named Jonathan Osteen who attended the same college that she went to. Osteen’s grandparents were renowned people too.

Both her parents are authors and excellent preachers. Alexandra’s brother, Jonathan Osteen, is also following in his parents’ footsteps. Jonathan is currently in Lakewood’s young adult ministry.

Alexandra has contributed a lot to the music industry through her magical songs. Her emerging image as a musician is pushing her forward to write more wonderful songs.

In this article, we talk about Joel Osteen’s daughter, Alexandra Osteen, her age, her husband, also cover some wiki facts.

Alexandra Osteen Has an Older Brother

Alexandra Osteen was born as the second child of parents Joel and Victoria Osteen on 9th November 1998. Her paternal grandparents are John Osteen and Dodie Osteen while her maternal grandparents are Donald Iloff and Georgine Iloff.

Alexandra Osteen Age

Alexandra Osteen was born on 9 November 1998, and she is currently 22 years old. She hails from Houston, Texas and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Talking about her family, her parents are Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen.  To date, she has successfully kept herself from any rumors and controversies. In November of 2021, the singer turns 23 years old.


There is no verified information regarding Alexandra Osteen’s relationship status and love affairs. She might actually be single at present and more focused on her singing career.

After she shows interest in romantic affairs, we will come to you with more information on her relationship and romantic life.

Career and Professional Life

Alexandra is a singer and is a student. She is too young and hasn’t initiated any major professional career. Some of her songs are “What A Beautiful Name”, “Never Gonna Stop Singing”, “Grace To Grace”, “Feelin’” and “To My Knees.” Nowadays, she is also popular over social networking sites and has amassed an impressive number of followers on her social handle.

Since childhood, the singer has been an introvert. She didn’t have many friends, and one of the few she had was her brother and roommate Jonathan. She did, however, form strong bonds with several of her classmates during her undergraduate years. Alexandra always sang for the Lakewood Church congregation. Her ambition to be a singer and a pious person was cemented as a result of this.

Alexandra Osteen Net Worth

The net worth of Alexandra Osteen is $1 million as of 2021. She makes money through her career as a musician. Apart from that, Alexandra is somewhat invested in her father’s business as well from where she earns extra money. She has more than 50 thousand followers on Instagram and almost 15 thousand followers on Twitter.

However, her true assets are the songs that she has released. What a Beautiful Name, Never Gonna Stop Singing, and To My Knees are some of her popular tracks. Together with her brother, she is a part of the Lakewood Church Band

She hopes she could speak all of the languages that exist, as well as communicate with animals. If she had to pick between the two, she would go with the latter. Alexandra is a Greek name that meaning “defender of mankind.”

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