Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds, God Does

The wounds that are hidden in your soul cut deep. Right? Think about it. Time alone can’t fully heal a broken heart nor a troubled soul. Until we allow God to heal our wounds they will always resurface.

God’s healing is always available to us but we have to stop running from it. Beloved, He wants you free and healed. We have to face the wound with God’s help.

At times it’s okay to pray to God on your way to a Christian counselor or a therapist. Cry out, talk it out, or even scream it all out! It’s okay. God works in your tears.

The wounds we receive will help us to Hear the word of God. When you hear His word, and believe it. It will become a word whispered in your ear that’ll make you want to shout it from the rooftops. Healed people, heal people.

God‘s love is far beyond but we could ever even imagine, His plans for us are so beautiful — that it’ll leave all your brokenness shocked. Allow God to use your wounds to win others.

God is greater than our past wounds. Why? Because, He has the power to redeem them. No wound that I’ve taken was useless. These wounds have made me wiser — slower to judge and quicker to love.

God knows where your spouse is, He knows were your promotion is, where your healing is, where your new house is. It may not have happened yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. You always face the greatest struggle, the greatest opposition, the greatest discouragement right before the breakthrough, right before the healing, right before you meet the person of your dreams.

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