Whether you are a parent, a schoolteacher, an executive, a mechanic, or a brain surgeon, you are probably busy! You not only have the requirements of your job to fulfill, but you may also have caretaking responsibilities with family or extended family. No matter how busy you are, be encouraged: God hears all prayers—even short ones—and that is something to be thankful for!

When we call on the name of Jesus, He is always there, whether we believe it or not. He may not always answer, but when He does, He is always on time. He has answers to problems that we might not always like or understand because God works according to His perfect will.

When we invite Him into our dark and discouraging situations, He will show up. God is drawn to darkness because He desires to shatter it with His marvelous light. We must call upon Him. We cannot curse the darkness without actively being the light that dispels it. We cannot be that light without the presence of God. God manifests His presence where the elements of prayer are carried out.

Prayer is something you can do throughout the day no matter how much you have on your to-do list. For example, if you are an exhausted stay-at-home parent who cleans up the house and changes diapers all day, then just take one minute to be still and say, “Oh, Jesus, I love You. Strengthen me right now. God, I need some energy. I feel worn out.”

It is okay to talk to God in a very simple way. By praying throughout the day in this simple, meaningful way, we invite God into every area of our lives, and that is exactly what He desires.

Sometimes when I’m praying for someone during prayer time, I get overwhelmed to the point of tears. It says in the gospel that when Jesus saw the people, He was moved with compassion. He felt so much love for the people that He did whatever it took to bring life to them.

Today, when Jesus sees you, He’s still moved with compassion. Scripture says that Jesus intercedes for us at the right hand of the Father. Think about that—Jesus is always praying for you!

Today, know that when you seek Him, you will find Him. He is moved with compassion when He sees you. Jesus is the friend that sticks closer than a brother. Keep seeking Him. Keep trusting Him. Pursue righteousness, and you will be filled and satisfied in every area of your life.

Prayer of the Day: I thank You today, Father, that prayer doesn’t have to be long and complicated. You hear even my short, heartfelt prayers. I am grateful that I can have a continuous conversation with You all through the day, and that You hear and answer me.

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