The Next Person God Is About To Bless Is You, Get Ready

No matter what happens in our circumstances God is still good and He has given us more blessings than we could ever possibly deserve.

God knows you are tired. God knows it is difficult for you. but you must also know that GOD would never place in a situation that you can not handle. May God listen to all your prayers and bless everyone who is reading this. Amen

Only God is truly great. The rest of us should be content to simply fulfill the duties with which He has blessed us.

Blessed is that man who has done with chance, who never speaks of luck, but believes that from the least even to the greatest, all things are ordained of the Lord.

When you refuse to retaliate and instead respond in love at work or with somebody who doesn’t like you, God will be pleased. And you’re going to be blessed.

You may feel like what you have in your hand is small, but when you give it to God, He will bless it and multiply it. The little you have today, God will use to increase you tomorrow.

God will always use what you have in your hand! When you give Him what you have, He will bless it and multiply it. He’ll use you in ways beyond your wildest imagination!

When you are faithful with what you have in your hand, God will bless it and multiply it. Step out in faith today knowing that God will increase the work of your hands. Faithfulness honors God, and God honors faithfulness.

Ordinary things, in the hand of Almighty God, become extraordinary. Remember, an ordinary stone took down a giant. Trust God to do something extraordinary through you.

God has blessings in store for you today! You may not see it or feel it at the moment, but keep looking for His hand at work in your life. What you seek is what you will find. When you seek Him with your whole heart, you will find Him.

We serve a God of abundance! He doesn’t want you to just have barely enough to meet your own needs; He wants you to be so blessed that you have more than enough to meet your needs and the needs of the people around you. You are blessed to be a blessing.

Today, I bless you and pray that God will richly reward your diligent efforts at work and with your family. May everything you set your hand to prosper and succeed in Jesus’ name!

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