Stop Living In Regret And Shame, Receive The Grace Of God

God did not create you to carry around baggage. Some of you have been holding on to it for years, but it’s not going to change unless you do something about it. Put your foot down and say, “That’s it. I’m not living in regret anymore. I’m not focusing on my disappointments. I’m letting it go and moving forward with my life.”

Whatever happened in the past,,, I must say never be regret and not shame on it important is you meet God and he Controlled you. He not want to stuck you in that situations. God is Good, God is Great ,God is Mercy, God is Faithful. Thank you God for Everything.

We can never have a problem that is too big for the grace of God. If our problem gets bigger, thankfully, God’s grace gets bigger too. If our problems multiply, so that we go from one to two to three or more, the grace of God also multiplies so that we are able to handle them.

Instead of letting people define you, instead of letting circumstances label you, you need to go back to what God said about you. God says, “You can do all things through Christ. You’re equipped and empowered.” God says, “You have seeds of greatness; you are destined to leave your mark.” Other voices will tell you, “You’re just ordinary; you’ll never do anything significant.” You have the final choice. Who do you say you are?

People can’t put your fire out; disappointments can’t stop what God has ordained for you; bad breaks can’t keep you from your destiny. The more things that come against you, the more you need to stay stirred up. The more opposition, the more you need to give God praise. Keep that spring in your step, that passion in your spirit. Declare the favor of God is on your life.

The Psalmist said, “If you go to the depths of the oceans or way up in the sky, no matter how high or low, east or west, you’ll never get away from God’s mercy.” He’ll always be there waiting for you, calling you, giving you another chance, ready to help, ready to restore, ready to clean up the mess you made. That’s the mercy of God.

God will take all of those fragmented pieces of your life and make something beautiful out of them and He will cause you, by His grace, to be able to use what’s been pain to you as a gain for somebody else.

We can be thankful that God loves us and chooses to make His home in us. This choice is not based on any good deeds we have done or every could do, but solely on the grace, mercy, power, and love of God.

In times of difficulty, declare, “God, I know Your grace is sufficient. I have the power to be here with a good attitude. I believe at the right time, You will change it. But if it never changes. I’m still going to be my best and honor You.”

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