Where you are today isn’t where you have to stay! With God you always have options you may not see. Embrace the day with joy and an attitude of expectancy because God is at work behind the scenes.

Scripture tells us that a righteous man may fall seven times, but he gets back up! Stay in the game, stand up with God, and let Him fight on your behalf.

Scripture says that where two or more are gathered together in His name, He is there. Stay connected with other believers because God wants to show up in a powerful way in your life!

You can’t fail if you don’t quit! Keep standing, keep believing, keep moving forward because God has a plan for you to win.

God is not asking you to create your own victory. He’s not asking you to produce your own progress. He’s simply asking you to stay in the game! You can’t lose if you don’t quit!

When tough times come, it can be tempting to give up. But I want to encourage you today—don’t quit! You can’t fail if you don’t give up.

Let this be a season that jump-starts your prayer life. Each time you struggle with fear or uncertainty bring it to Jesus.

He longs to hear your voice, to walk with you. Ask for wisdom and peace in your thoughts. Meditate on God’s truth at every opportunity.

We can depend on our all-good and all-loving God, who is constantly working in us to “to fulfill His good purpose” every step of the way (Philippians 2:13).

No matter what goes on around you in the world, staying focused on Jesus is essential. Spend time in His Word so that your mission and purpose in God is center to your daily focus. Stay close to His word so you can act upon it in belief and trust.

​”​Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6

​To keep your eyes on Jesus means seeing through His eyes and when you do, you may find yourself spending more time praying for the needs of others that God reveals to you. When you keep your eyes on Jesus, you are inspired to  live in loving service to the Lord. You see God for who He is; faithful, loving and kind, merciful and full of forgiveness and understand that Jesus expects you to treat others with this same kindness.

Fix your eyes on Jesus and trust that the promises of God are yours.

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