REFLECTION FOR HUSBANDS, Praying For All Mothers Out There, God Be With Us All

Your wife is already tired… Have you ever wondered how your wife feels?

Believe it or not, your wife is the one who carries the most things on her shoulders and still has to go on every single day.

There are times and many times that we as a wives and a mothers, we feel tired in our life. Especially when it comes to our family and to our childrens. In every single days of our life we must be strong. Yes ! we continue to do our responsibilities in our family. God is always gave us strenght and His mercy to handle everything.

If your wife tells you that she can’t do it anymore — don’t judge her, or think that she wants to leave you, she just feels pain in her heart that she can’t get out because she has to deal with other people’s problems and solve them and usually forgets about her.

Mom gets tired too, that’s why you have to share household chores washing dishes, sweeping or mopping won’t make you less of a man… she also cries, she also feels bad… and no one asks her how she feels.

First she is a mother… a psychologist… a doctor… a cook… a housewife… a wife… a stylist… and a thousand other things, but the most important thing is that it is YOUR SUPPORT AS A PARTNER…

If you have problems, she will support you and she will tell you that everything will be fine, if there is no money, she will find a way but she will never leave you alone even when you see her distracted, distant, thoughtful, she will always say that she has nothing, but she HAS EVERYTHING…

She did get tired to the point of snapping out to reality. She felt so all alone and yes God was her only refuge then. God saw her in her darkest moments and helped me stood up ,gave me the courage and moved on. God lifts us up when we are at the bottom..

To all the ladies hang on there .Never cease to pray. We may feel all alone but God listens to our cries . The only option is, it’s up for you to make that choice.

Give her the kind of feeling she really needs, take her somewhere, have bonding with her, let her feel how important she was to you, that way she won’t feel tired at all.

When we impressed our GOD, He look at us, and GOD never stopped because he knows we love him, the same thing that we must give to our love ones in favour or in returned.

I wanna wish and pray that all mothers are healthy so that she has the power to fight whatever storm that comes to her family and to do the task and responsibilities as a mom and as a wife. Salute all mothers who never leave, never say “I’m tired” and never gives up. Be a mother and be a wife with a BIG HEART.

To all courageous, loving and kind women out there, keep going we can do this through Christ who strengthens us.

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