Photos Of Newborn Baby Frowning At Doctor Who Was Trying To Make It Cry Go Viral

The hilarious moment a newborn baby scowls at doctors in a birthing room has gone viral.

Baby Isabela Pereira de Jesus was born on February 13, 2020 via cesarean section at a hospital in Nilópolis, Rio de Janeiro.

Doctors often encourage babies to cry after birth, as it shows that their lungs are working.

But when the obstetrician encouraged Isabela to make a noise, the baby was clearly unimpressed. Not too happy with the situation, she was seen frowning.

Doctors moved the newborn towards her mother for a kiss but still, she didn’t let out a cry.

The photographer who was there to capture the birth, Rodrigo Kunstmann, reckons, “She opened her eyes wide but did not cry. The doctor even had to say, ‘Cry, Isa!’”

Mum reckons Isabela was just born courageous. “My baby was born courageous,” she said. “It’s a meme already. She always wrinkles her forehead when changing diapers and nursing.

We’re not sure if the youngster is truly that brave. What if she had been forced to endure unpleasant music when she was in the womb?

It wasn’t until Isabela’s umbilical cord was cut that she began crying as most newborns do.

Final thought: Obviously, little Isabela’s had her picture sent all around the world by now. And that’s exactly what we mean about the internet loving a bit of purity in its viral content.

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