People Are Sharing Their Unexpected Trypophobia Moments, And Here Are 10 Pics That Creeped Them Out Interview

#1 “The Beekeeper Forgot To Put The Frame In His Hive, So The Bees Just Freestyled, Building A Structure That Would Best Handle Temperature And Ventilation”

#2 This Woodpecker’s Acorn Stash In A Granary Tree

#3  A Burned Tree That Looks Like Spaghetti

#4 This Pipe Full Of Barnacles

#5 Carving

#6 “Child, Why Do You Scream?”

#7 Yummy Pizza Dough

#8 A Skull Being Enveloped By Limestone

#9 Extreme Close Up Of Pin Feathers On Pigeon

#10 Barnacle Croc Found On The Beach

#11  Lotus Root Inside A Lotus Root. Double Trypophobia

#12 Beans Left In The Microwave For A While

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