Pandemic Forces Jewelry Designer to Transform into an Amazing Seashell Artist

Discovering seashells on the beach delights us and we, more often than not, collect the more beautiful ones. Sadly, a seaside gem like that is quickly forgotten and relegated to a corner of our house. This was not the case, though, for jewelry designer Anna Chan, who developed a deep affection for seashells.

She said: ““Having worked on a small scale most of my life, being able to use my entire hands to sculpt large pieces was truly liberating, especially during such trying times. I saw great potential with this new medium and was determined to keep refining my work.”

This love drove her and her 10-year-old daughter to collect whatever seashells they could lay their hands on. The pandemic lockdown, which compelled them to spend days on the beach, is what led them to engage in this thrilling pastime. Not only has seashell collecting become a lucrative hobby, but it has also bordered on obsession.

Chan utilized the shells to create sculptures in the sand in addition to gathering them. She was so moved by the outcome that she moved the “beach” into her garage in order to pursue her love!

From sea turtles and seahorses to pandas and rhinos, Chan’s pieces mostly feature endangered species in hopes of raising awareness of their current situation. Using a variety of shells, she carefully chooses ones that will best match the animals’ respective features in real life.

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