Artist Arranges Stones In Stunning Patterns On The Beach, Finds It Very Therapeutic

Jon Foreman discovered land art while in college and immediately fell in love with it. He felt that the natural world had more in it to be explored, particularly where he lives, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Since the area has an extensive coastline, a huge part of Foreman’s work revolves around the stones he finds near the sea. The artist always astonishes beachgoers with his captivating arrangements, which he creates out of tiny pebbles to large rocks.

From coils arranged in gradients to whirling patterns embedded in the sand, Foreman’s land art sprawls across beaches and grassy patches in an impressive number of locations. Each component is skillfully put together, balancing color, size, and shape to produce captivating pieces that contrast the man-made building with its natural surroundings.

“I create using many natural materials but stone has proven to be the material which I can manipulate best. Be it color, angle, shape, size, placement, spacing,” Foreman said.

“Usually, I either have no idea at all or a vague notion of what I’d like to accomplish! After that, I gather everything I can carry and begin placing stone by stone, gradually losing myself and detaching from the pressures of daily existence.”

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