Overcome Fear With God’s Faith And Power

Have you ever thought how great it would be if you could live without ever having to deal with fear?

Fear is a spirit that must be confronted head on—it will not just go away. But God has given you the power to boldly confront our fear and break its hold on your life.

To face down fear and overcome it, we need to link arms with the only one who can conquer fear: our God.

Peace comes by submitting your fears to God. When we come to God with fear, He transforms it into trust.

By trusting Him, we invite His presence into the situation: a presence that is strong where we are weak, confident where we are nervous and bold where we are afraid.

The Lord delights in hearing from you and will work in and through you as you pray to Him about what is on your heart.

Take advantage of the privilege and opportunity you have to pour your heart out before the God of the universe and be prepared to watch Him work!

Let this season jump-start your prayer life. Each time you struggle with fear, uncertainty or unbelief, bring it to Jesus. He longs to hear your voice, to walk with you through this difficulty!

He is there expressly for times like this. Instead of giving in to the overwhelm, let the Spirit of God overwhelm your heart and mind. Let Him bring you peace, and watch as this season becomes a fruitful harvest down the road.

Even when everything around us is uncertain, we can trust in God’s unchanging love.

He has promised to provide for us, to care for us and to watch over us. And if He provides for something as insignificant as a sparrow or a lily (Matthew 6), we can know He will also provide for us.

When you look at the future with fear, remind yourself of how God has been faithful in the past. This is a great reason to write out your prayer requests and God’s answers (with the date!). This provides a tangible record of how God has provided—something to look to as new challenges arise.

Prayer Starter: Lord, I know that that I must confront fear because it won’t go away on its own. Please help me fight fear with faith, amen.

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