Start your day by asking God to fill you with His Holy Spirit. This gives you power!

It is good to have love for God in your heart, but even better to express it with the words of your mouth. Tell God you love Him numerous times a day, like the psalmist David did: “I love You sincerely and devotedly, O Lord my Strength” (Ps. 18:1). It isn’t good enough to merely think, “God knows how I feel.” Are you blessed when people tell you they love and appreciate you? Of course you are, and it blesses God when we verbalize our love and praise for Him.

Verbal expression of love and gratitude improves all our relationships, including our rela­tionship with God.

God is so merciful and loving. There are times that even when we don’t have the faith, even when we don’t reach out, God reaches out to us.

Don’t offer your petitions to God without telling Him how grateful you are for what He has already done for you. As parents, we are more likely to respond to an appreciative child’s request than we are to a grumpy and ungrateful one.

As an employer, I want to do even more for thankful employees. God responds to our constant expressions of thankfulness for His goodness and mercy in our lives by wanting to do even more for us. Our gratitude shows God that we are mature enough to handle even more blessing and responsibility.

How we see ourselves can hinder us from loving others and living the life God has for us. If you aren’t happy with yourself, watch as Joyce shares a story of a man who didn’t see himself deserving and how we can learn to love ourselves in a balanced healthy way!

God has a great plan for your life, and He wants you to fulfill it. If you make mistakes or encounter failure along the way, learn your lessons and then get up the next day and try again. God loves you, He wants you to love yourself, and He has a bright future in store for you!

We are called to love. Jesus said, that we should love God and then love others as we love ourselves. That can be easy sometimes to love the lovable, but what about those who get on our nerves or are difficult to love? Joyce encourages us with a few ways where we can begin to start loving those who are hard to love!

Prayer Starter: Lord, I thank You and praise You for all the good things you have done and are currently doing for me. I love You and I’m so grateful for You. In Jesus’ name, amen!

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