Be Inspired By This Message From Joyce Meyer, “The Grace of God Leads to Victory”

The Word of God is wonderful and has the power in it to refresh our minds and change our lives!

If you want to win at something, you must first prepare to work at and for it. However, it is not a matter of relying on oneself or achieving success in life via your own efforts. God blesses us with the ability to conduct good deeds.

We cannot live by emotions and ever have victory. Victory demands that we operate in self-control. Control your thoughts, words, and your attitudes!

You are made for good works, to be a servant of righteousness. You are built to take responsibility, and God will help you accomplish all He gives you to do.

Victory in life—and winning your unique battles—is achieved through God’s grace, but you have to choose to trust Him every step of the way. Sometimes all it takes to be courageous is simply to keep trying day after day. Courage is not giving up no matter how long it takes to secure victory!

Prayer, combined with taking action according to God’s guidance, is the only answer to any problem we have. God’s Word teaches us not to worry and cast our care, but it never says we are to cast our responsibility.

Prayer Starter: Father, I choose to trust You in everything I do…but I will need Your help in this, just like everything in life. Because You are in my life, I have confidence that I can triumph over trials. I choose to believe in Your love and the victory You won for me on the cross. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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