Keep Believing Because God Is Your Door Keeper And He Will Open Them At The Right Time – Joel Osteen

There are moments in life when it looks like the doors of healing, abundance, freedom have been shut for us. But, keep believing because God is your door keeper and He will open them at the right time.

Even if you miss it, even if doesn’t work out the way you thought, God knows how to use it for your good. God would rather you take a step of faith and miss it every once in a while, then play it safe all the time and never make a mistake.

Sometimes the mistakes, the closed doors, the times we miss it, that’s a part of God’s plan. That’s preparing us for the next open door.

Don’t condemn yourself. You are not a failure. If you took a step of faith and a door closed, that means you’re one step closer to an open door. So when you get knocked down, don’t stay down, get back up again!

You are not a failure. You took a step of faith and a door closed. That means you’re one step closer to an open door.

BRAVE means that sometimes God closes a door you wanted open, but letting it close because you trust His plans more.

God knows what He is doing. Don’t be discouraged by your closed doors. If God wants a door to open, you can be certain it will open. All the forces of darkness cannot stop it.

God’s about to open a door that you didn’t see coming. What you’re going to give birth to is going to surprise people: a ministry, a dream, a business that will touch the world. You’re going to go further than you thought, make a greater impact than you dreamed.

When we feel trapped in life, it’s because our focus is off. Don’t look at the wall in front of you; look at the open door God has prepared for you.

When you encounter a closed door in your life, it doesn’t mean that “no” is the final answer. It just means keep going. Look for the open door because God has something better in store for you!

Life is lived one day at a time, and the way to prepare for tomorrow is to live at your very best today. If you’ll do what you know how to do today, God will help you get to where you need to be tomorrow.

Don’t put your life on hold until the big moment; start today. Every day lived well is one day closer to accomplishing your dreams. Start using what you have and doing what you know how to do, and God will open the door to new opportunity.

Today I pray for those who are believing for an open door of opportunity. I join my faith with yours—He is faithful to His Word!


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