Have you ever seen a miracle? Friend, You are living proof that miracles exist!

You’ve already had the best miracle in Your life—it happened the day you believed, and received the gift of eternal life with God.

Jesus did several miracles during His time on the Earth. He gave sight to the blind, cured diseases, made lame beggars able to walk, and brought people back from the dead! He is a God of miracles!

God is an impossibility specialist. What we call miracles are God’s to do list! Isn’t that exciting and uplifting to consider?

Do you need a miracle? God’s help today? When Jesus walked the earth, a lot of people only wanted to be near him because of the miracles that he could do. They were interested in what he could do for them. They didn’t really care about who he was or how he could transform them so that they could make a difference in this world.

All around us, miracles are happening! Listen and look for God’s goodness. God is longing to be good to those who are looking for His goodness!

There is power in prayer, there is power in agreement, and there is power when we lay hands on people. When we connect with others and with God, miracles happen.

All His miracles have to do with repairing what has been broken. What’s broken in your life, or in your body? Ask Him to fix it with His rightness today! See what God will do.

Take time to pray and invite God into every circumstance because when God enters the scene, miracles happen. We were never meant to handle life on our own!

​When you pray for God’s purpose to be your life’s purpose, when you pray for the happiness and health of others and the healing of the world through Jesus Christ, you are heard and the impossible begins to unfold as it is His will.

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