God Will Fight For US, We Need Only To Be Still

“There is a war going on, and your mind is the battlefield. But the good news is that God is fighting on your side.”

​​Trusting that God will fight your battles means in difficult times, we must remember that no problem is beyond the scope of God’s sovereign care for His children.

He has promised to take care of us, make good plans for us and love us beyond measure.


We’re in a battle, no doubt. But our job is easy.  We make it difficult by worrying, wallowing, and being afraid of the unknown. This helps….nothing.

God will fight your battles! “When I cry out to You, then my enemies will turn back; this I know, because God is for me.” Ps 56:9

Let’s be reminded of the beautiful truth that God is fighting for us. All we need to do is be still and trust. No fear, just faith. Thank you, Jesus!

God wants to be the hero of your story! No matter what you are facing today, call to God and let Him have His way in your life. “The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace” (Exodus 14:14, NKJV).

God will fight for you and is working behind the scenes. God can use your external pains and struggles to create within you a fierce and fighting spirit for the Lord.

Many times when we are in the midst of a crisis, that’s when God gets the glory.
God can use YOU in powerful ways to bring change into the world, He loves us and equips us of what we need.

Anytime you feel like the world is coming against you, take comfort knowing that God will fight your battles for you! Surrender all to Him, trust Him, and He will direct your path.

We cannot let fear be an excuse. Fight fear and discouragement with God’s Word. He promised He will be with you wherever you go!

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