I’m A New Mum And Take My Three-Month-Old Son To The Spa Every Week, Massages And Hot Stone Treatments Help Him Sleep

A MUM who takes her three-month-old baby to the spa every week claims it relaxes him and helps him sleep.

Shanelle Cotton, 26, is a first-time mum and says that bringing her baby to the spa has been a huge help.

She frequently travels to Bridgnorth with her infant daughter Romi, who is three months old, from their home in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Shanelle, a business owner, claims that the spa has given her the chance to network with other mothers and learn techniques for relaxing Romi.

“Going to the spa has been so beneficial for both of us,” she said.

“For Romi, it’s a really lovely atmosphere for him to be in, it’s so calm.

“He never used to want to have a bath at night, but since we’ve been going I can sort of recreating the spa at home and he loves it.”

Lauren Edwards, 28, who runs the spa called ‘Lollitots’ describes it as the ultimate tranquil experience, and additionally, she provides special infant yoga and massage lessons.

Shanelle said:

“Lauren is been doing the spa treatments for years, and she also does classes on massaging and baby yoga and that kind of thing.

“She showed me how to massage Romi’s jaw when he starts teething.

“It’s also great to meet and chat with other mums because I can ask them questions, and make some new mum friends.”

Each spa session includes an hour and a half with the babies in the bath, with calming lighting and songs.

There are all these flashing lights, and you are just playing with your baby and giving them a bath while they are in the water, according to Shanelle.

“Once they’re out of the bath, Lauren shows everyone how to give them a massage.

“Then we do a little facial with the babies.

“Romi always sleeps so well after we’ve been, it makes him so relaxed.

“It just sets the mood for everyone, and helps him and I relax.”

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