Adorable Photo Of Newborn Twins Holding Hands Moments After Birth

There is no doubt twins have a special bond and, as the photo shows, it is something that can be present from birth. That’s why I love twins. In tears and joy, always together.

The photos, taken by US dad Lonie Paxton, shows the moment babies Reese and Rylan are delivered by caesarean section.

As most babies do, the brother and sister start crying almost immediately after being removed from their mother’s womb.

The twins reached for each other minutes after being born. A set of newborn twins began holding hands when they were placed next to each other minutes after being born.

The pair continue to cry while medical staff make sure they are breathing properly and clip their umbilical cords.

However once they are placed next to each other the babies quieten, appearing to take comfort in each other’s presence.

Do you think the twins were reaching out for each other or was the hand-holding just a coincidence?

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