Happy Birthday Joyce! Blessed 79th Birthday Woman of God!

Almost 8 decades! Happy 79th birthday to American televangelist Joyce Meyer. On her birthday, nothing would make Joyce happier than for you to realize how loved you are by God.

Joyce Meyer shared on her Facebook: “Today, is my 79th birthday! As I look back on my life, I am so thankful for God’s blessings and faithfulness and I can’t wait to see all that He is going to do in the years to come.”

“I know for many of you it’s hard to find that same hope for your life. You might be struggling financially and don’t see a way out. You could be waiting on a prayer that isn’t being answered. You might be grieving the violence and division in our world. Wherever you find yourself right now, I want to help you hold on to hope.”

Joyce lovers also left a lot of congratulations on her post. All expressed their love, gratitude and admiration for Joyce. Here are some congratulations from people around the world to Joyce:

“Happiest birthday, We really are blessed to be in this generation with you. May the good Lord continue to bless you abundantly and add more years filled with so much peace and joy!!! May His Grace continue to be abundant in your life forever”

“Blessed 79th Birthday Woman of God! You’re a blessing to our world. May God grant you many more years to touch more lives. Amen”

“Joyce, I pray that some day God will show you all the lives you have saved — including mine. Happy Birthday!”

“A very Happy Birthday Joyce! You have been a Blessing to me through your teachings. I love watching Everyday Life. May God Bless you abundantly always!”

“Happy birthday Joyce, I always thank God for you and that you answered His call to minister. May God bless the duration of your journey to heaven”

“Happy happy happy glorious birthday to you great woman of Jehova God. Showers of blessings and also wishing you a wonderful time  on your special day. Long life perfect health joy happiness peace and blossoms of love to you and yours.”

Let’s send Joyce our best wishes. May Your day be filled with many Blessings. You Bless so many people through God.

Happiest of Birthdays to you Joyce Thank you for serving our God and Father. I’m often Blessed and learning from the teaching you receive from our Jesus God continue to Bless Joyce

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