GROWN UP TOO FAST Five-Year-Old Girl, Lina Medina, Became The World’s Youngest Mum After Going Through Puberty Aged THREE

Back in 1939, a little girl named Lina Medina gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She was only five-years-old. This story is truly a medical marvel — one that is surely hard to believe.

Lina lived in a small Peruvian village located 7,400 feet up in the mountains — the nation’s poorest region.

She was only five years old when her stomach suddenly started increasing in size. His parents thought that he was bloating due to a tumor in his stomach. But when the investigation happened, everyone was shocked. A child was growing in Lean’s stomach.

Everyone who looked into Medina’s illness was undoubtedly surprised, but among pediatric endocrinologists, it wasn’t wholly unbelievable.

About one in every 10,000 children develop a condition known as precocious puberty and Medina was one of those kids.

The cause of precocious puberty often can’t be found. Rarely, certain conditions, such as infections, hormone disorders, tumours, brain abnormalities or injuries, may cause precocious puberty.

Many people have dismissed her claim as a whole fraud throughout the years, yet X-rays, pictures, and medical records show that this actually did occur. The identity of the kid’s father, however, was never determined.

On 14 May 1939, Lena gave birth to a son by caesarean. The weight of the child at birth was 2.7 kg. Seeing this news spread all over the world and it was very difficult for people all over the world to believe it.

Growing up, Gerardo always believed Lina was his sister but at the age of ten was told she was his mother.

Gerardo grew up healthy but died at the age of 40 in 1979 after suffering from a bone disease.

Lina is now 88  years old and still lives in Peru – however, she refused to ever sell her story as she wanted to live a normal life.

She married husband Raul in the 1970s, later giving birth to her second son at the age of 39.

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