God Is Not Limited By What You’re Facing, When You Believe All Things Are Possible

The good news is God is not limited by what’s limiting us. We’re natural; He’s supernatural. God is not restricted by what’s held you back. He controls the universe.

All the circumstances may suggest you’re stuck, but God is not limited by your circumstances. He doesn’t wait for the conditions to be favorable. If you’ll have an expectant heart, God will show up and do the miraculous in your life in His perfect timing!

God has ways to increase you that you’ve never thought of. He’s not limited by your job, by your education, by the family that raised you. If you’ll take the limits off of Him, God is going to bless you beyond your normal income, beyond your salary, beyond what anyone in your family has seen.

You may feel limited, like you’ve gone as far as you can, but deep down, you know there are bigger things in you. When every circumstance says you’re stuck, God is saying, “Come out of your tent. Look up.” You’re only focused on the natural; you have to change your perspective. You’re not limited by your background. You’re not at the mercy of who raised you, what you didn’t get, what looks impossible. Your Heavenly Father is about to breathe on your life in a new way. New doors are about to open. New gifts are about to come out. The greatness God put in you is about to show up.

The scripture says, “God will deliver us from trouble.” You’re in debt? God is delivering you into abundance. You’re dealing with depression? God is delivering you into joy. You’re facing an illness? God is delivering you into healing. When your thoughts tell you that trouble is permanent, answer back that no trouble can stop you because God has delivered you.

God is not limited by your age, education, connections or your resources. Trust that He is working behind the scenes on your behalf, and He has everything that you need to succeed!

Although you and I have the power to put limits on God, we also have the power to break our own limited mindsets. If we’re going to accomplish the things that God wants for us, we can’t focus on our obstacles and setbacks. We have to be single-minded about His Word and power.

Seek Him daily for His wisdom, His knowledge, His understanding, and His strength. We have to remember who He is and what He’s done. He is the God who has rescued us in the past. He’s the God who parts Red Seas. He’s the God who brings water out of rocks. He’s the God of the impossible.

His hands are not tied and never will be tied. Don’t turn back. Take His hands and draw your strength from your limitless God. Everything you need in this life is found in Him.

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