When we prioritize God in our lives, putting Him first above all things, then we can do our best and let Him handle the rest. He can enter our circumstances with His wisdom and power in ways that we may have never been able to formulate on our own.

Fear drives us to desperately grasp for control, but faith reminds us that we’re not in it alone. When we surrender our plans to His sovereignty, we can rest in knowing all things are in His hands.

According to Isaiah (41:10), God is with you; He is yours; He will strengthen you; He upholds you; and He is righteous. Our amazing, awe-inspiring, infinitely loving and holy God is the One in Whose image you were created! He’s the One Who, before the beginning of time, designed good works for you to walk in and fulfill (Ephesians 2:10).

Most often, holy moments are the ones we faced while still afraid. God is always able to equip you for the day’s demands. Be strong and courageous, rely on the Lord and obey what He is asking you to do. You will have peace and confidence you didn’t know was possible when you choose Him at every opportunity.

The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. – Psalm 32:8

The good news is, when you follow God’s leading, He will always see you through. You have a loving father who desires to walk alongside with you.

When it’s the most difficult, the good news is you’re close to your crown. You’re close to your breakthrough. You’ve come too far to stop now. God didn’t bring you here to leave you. Dig down deep. Stay determined. Stay focused. Keep doing the right thing. It’s not just for you; you’re doing it for your family; you’re doing it to advance the kingdom.

There will always be parts of life that we might not understand, or are unsure of what God wants us to do. However, remain in faith and keep reading His Word, because through it, He reveals His sovereign plan as we continue to draw near to Him.

Remain in prayer, and ask God for His guiding and direction in your life. The Holy Spirit will show you where to go.

Your daily prayer should be, “Help me to wait patiently for the very best You have for my life.”

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