Have you ever needed forgiveness – from people as well as from God? Remember those times, and it will enable you to forgive when you need to.

Whatever your issue is, and no matter how horrible you feel about yourself as a result of it, God loves you and He wants to be in close relationship with you.

The scripture says, “God so loved the world.” It doesn’t say, “God so loved the good people.” No, God loves people that have made mistakes. His grace is unrestrained.

You may have made mistakes, we all have, but God is saying, “You’re forgiven.” Why don’t you forgive yourself if He forgives you? You’ll never get your ‘one more time’ if you keep berating yourself, reliving your failures, and lingering on disappointments. Get rid of it.

This is a new day. It’s time to say goodbye to guilt, goodbye to condemnation, goodbye to being against yourself.

In Jesus Christ, He has given you a new life. He will provide you with a new Christian family who will love, accept, appreciate, and support you. Because of Jesus, who lives on the inside of you and cares for you, you will live a victorious life.

Simply agree with God when He points out a sin in your life and marvel at His goodness. God not only forgives us, but He promises to forget our sin.

The first thing that really helps me forgive is to remember this: God forgives me for much more than I will ever have to forgive others.

God’s mercy is wonderful and as we receive His love, forgiveness, and mercy, we can also learn how to give it to people in our lives who hurt and disappoint us.

God’s mercy is new every morning. Each day we can find a fresh place to begin. We’ve heard that God gives us His beauty for our ashes but sometimes it’s hard to understand what this great exchange really means in our day to day life.

Prayer Starter: Lord, thank you for new mercy every day. Help me to extend the same mercy to others in my life as You do to me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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