“Being Positive Doesn’t Mean We Deny The Existence Of Difficulty, It Means We Believe God Is Greater Than Our Difficulties.”

I want to encourage you to raise your level of expectation today. It doesn’t matter what the situation looks like around you; God is greater than any obstacle you may be facing.

Don’t assume that where you’ve been, or where you are, is as good as it gets. Don’t believe that your history is your destiny. Choose, instead, to believe God is going to do something even better in your life.

Jesus is asking “What do you want Me to do for you?” That’s a pretty powerful question, so go ahead and get your hopes up!

Doubt can detour us from the good things God has for us, but we can learn to trust Him and believe that He is greater than any circumstance we will face in life.

I want to remind you today that God is greater than anything the world. Because you are a believer, God lives in you by His Spirit (1 Cor. 3:16). This means you have everything it takes to do what you need to do and to do it with boldness and confidence.

You’re misinformed about what a relationship with God is like if you think it means you’re not going to have any problems. But it does mean that God will deliver you from things and bring you through them victoriously. It also means that you can have a very blessed and amazing life!

We all go through seasons of difficulty that can sometimes feel overwhelming. But during these times, we have to remember that Almighty God is greater than the struggle we face.

The best thing that we can do when we have problems is to help somebody else with a need. I believe it releases something in us that’s beautiful, and it also releases the power of God to go to work in our life like never before.

You have to make a choice: “Am I going to look at my circumstances and get stuck, or am I going to believe that, on the other side of my circumstances, God has greater things?” God is saying to you today, “Look up. I made you for more.” Don’t feel discouraged about where you are. This is not your final destination. Lift up your eyes and see the greatness of our God. He always leads us to the Promised Land.

God sees you as strong, confident, and well able to accomplish everything He’s placed in your heart. His dream for your life is so much greater than you’ve ever imagined. Keep your faith strong, keep your hopes up, and let’s finish the year strong.

The love of God is what heals our wounded souls. It’s what gives us confidence. It’s what gives us courage. Knowing that we are loved perfectly by a perfect, powerful God changes us like nothing else.

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