“Because God Is Gracious And Loving By Nature, He Has Offered Us Hope Beyond This World”

Gracious God, you are more awesome than we can imagine.

How we start off our morning will determine how the rest of our day will go.

When we begin our day in prayer and in God’s word, it allows us to lay all of our burdens down and let God work on our hearts and mind. It causes us to be more gracious for those not-so-good moments we may encounter in our day.

Let’s make a habit of making God our priority, and allow Him to go before us today and this week.

Remember God is for you, not against you.

God is your heavenly Father. He wants to cherish and put you on the best pathway for life!

There’s nothing about us that surprises God, and while that doesn’t enable wrongful actions, it does mean that we are never too far out of His redeeming grace. Psalms 145:8 tells us that God is patient, slow to anger and full of mercy. As you draw near to Him with a surrendered heart, He promises to draw near to you.

Turning to God in our time of need is the best thing that we can do.

God always has a plan for your life.

It is through these adverse circumstances that we are able to experience the miracles of God. When you see beyond the visible and look at the things that are invisible you are looking away from the world and turning your eyes towards God. This is what it means to live by faith.

​See your life through the eyes of faith and let God use the difficult things for your eternal betterment, for your blessing and for His glory.

​This is what He has promised, and this is what He will do.

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