I Am Raising My Kids To Know That Their Identity Is Defined By God

I  am not shielding my children from accepting others. I am shielding my children from accepting this world’s standards of truth. I am shielding them from being indoctrinated by the world.

I am raising my children to love everyone, while also raising them to love their God enough to stand for Him.

My children will understand the symbolism of a rainbow as God’s Word defines it, not as our world falsely represents it. I am raising my children to see the beauty of Our Savior’s covenant.

I am raising my kids  to know that their identity is defined by God, NOT BY THIS WORLD.

I pray there will be more parents like you to raise up a generation of children to know Him, to love Him and Honor Him. Also I pray the truth of our History will be taught as it was not as they say it was.

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