Be Inspired By This Message From Joyce Meyer, “God Works While You Rest”

Being well-balanced means that you don’t do too much of one thing and not enough of another. You can become legalistic, dogmatic, and uninteresting if you are very disciplined! Learn to enjoy yourself as well.

Don’t spend the whole day working, but don’t be lazy either. Ask God to help you balance hard work and rest. Stop working for a while and be grateful for whatever God has given you to celebrate during the day.

As you rest in God, He will continue working in you to help you become all He plans for you to be.

You need to know that you’re loved! If you believe that God loves you then you can begin to love yourself and then you can begin to love other people. And you can have healthy, good relationships and you can enjoy your life.

God doesn’t want your life to feel like a constant struggle. Learn to let your mind rest! Worrying is very stressful and eventually takes a toll on your emotions and even your physical health.

Trusting God allows you to enter His rest, and rest is a place of peace where you are able to enjoy life while waiting for Him to solve your problems. He cares for you; He will solve your problems and meet your needs, but you have to stop thinking and worrying about them.

I believe the only way to stop worrying is to fully realize that we cannot solve our own problems. We can do what we know to do, but then we must enter the rest of God and trust Him.

We need to learn how to wait on God. God does things in His timing, not ours, so we need to learn to wait with patience and a good attitude. Everybody waits, so we might as well learn to wait well!

When we can’t possibly fathom how everything will work out, and this world and our lives feel far too complex, too detailed and too challenging, we can rest in the truth that nothing is too complex for God. No detail is left unnoticed and His timing is always perfect. He is the God of the universe after all – He can handle it!

We can rest our worth in the Lord on a regular basis, giving priority to the One who gives us strength and adorning us with a love that never changes.

His faithfulness and sovereignty is our foundation for everything we know about Him, from beginning to end.

Prayer Starter: Father, I come to you in Jesus’ name. Because Your Word states that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and that You reside inside us, I pray for wisdom in determining how much time I should devote to myself, for the right amount of rest, the right amount of sleep and the right amount of laughter and enjoyment. Help me be well balanced, Lord, amen.

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